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Evening all,

one of my customers (motorcycle) called today with something he though might interest me.

a friend of his gave him a tie a couple of years ago, this turns out to be a RFC tie sky blue with diagonal bands of blue and red.

in the tie is a red ID disc.

on the back is stamped RFC and on the front has 33113 BENNETT G P with CP in the middle.

at the moment I dont have any more information , can someone please give me any information possible, Ive tried a quick ancestry but didnt find anything, also what religin would CP be? thanks

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George Percival Bennett s/n 33113 K(ite) Balloon Winch man D.F.? AM/1 date joined 19/06/16.

His record is avalable at the TNA AIR79/324.




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thanks John, will try to find out how / why it was passed over and any more info. unusual kite detachment.

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