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Remembered Today:

Group photo of Gloster (?) Officers

Colin W Taylor

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Ladies and Gents

I found this picture during this mornings boot sale challenge. I've a feeling of deja-vue - I'd swear I'd seen it somewhere before but can't think where.

The badges look like Glostershire Regt but I'd like a second opinion.

Does anyone know which battalion it's of or if anyone is familiar?

Any idea what the three gents in mufti are doing in the back?

Any assistance will be gratefully appreciated.

Kind Regards



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Glosters would be a good match for what's visible of the badges but a close up would help, almost certainly pre-1912 due to the fact they are all wearing the earlier version of the Officers SD jacket with the closed collars and cord epaulettes (rather than open collar and cloth epaulettes).

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I hope this shows the cap badge a bit better on the hats of two of the front row officers - sadly my photographic skills aren't up to much. I can see a sphynx on the cap badge and thought E Lancs or SWB initially, but the badges looked the wrong shape.

I take it the pre-1912 dating from the uniforms would limit it to either 1st or 2nd Bn or possibly 3rd Bn/Depot of the Gloucestershire Regt?

Many thanks



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