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Medal Roll Abbreviation Query


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I was at Kew recently looking at Medal Rolls. My Grandfather was awarded the 15 star which stated RASC T3/28723 Dvr. 17.7.15 (1) transferred to L/16824 Pte 1" R.R.C. Class Z A.R. 1.4.19.

I know that he was in the Horse Transport in the ASC and transferred to the Corps of Lancers - not sure when as unfortunately no Service Record. He arrived France on 17.7.15. I know that Class Z put the men into the Army Reserve so am assuming he came out of the Army on 1 April 1919.

The only bit I don't understand is R.R.C. Presumably Pte is Private - not sure about the 1.

I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me what this means and if it could help me find more about which unit he was with. I think he was with the 12th Lancers but would like to verify this if poss.

Many thanks,

Iris Taylor

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R.R.C. = Reserve Regiment of Cavalry

Class Z A.R. 1.4.19 = Transferred to Class Z Army Reserve 1 April 1919 (could be recalled in an emergency)

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Thanks for the speedy reply Patrick. I don't suppose you could tell me anything about the Reserve Regiment of Cavalry? What was the Reserve bit? Does it give us a clue as to his regiment with the Corps of Lancers?

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Thanks for this Rob. As usual it throws up more questions than it answers! I've noted that 17 Reserve Calvalry Regiments were formed in 1914. The Lancers were part of 3 of them: 6th, 7th and 8th:

6th - Dublin - 5th & 12th L

7th - Tidworth - 9th & 21st L

8th - The Curragh 16th & 17th L

Early in 1917 these were all transferred into 1st ~(new) Reserve Regiment - so I don't think this helps identify his Regiment as it means that ALL the Lancer Corps were in 1st by the end of the War, when presumably the Medal Rolls were made up!

I think my only hope is to do more digging around his Lancers No: What do you think?


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