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2nd Highland Light Infantry


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Does anyone know what the connection is with Ballantrae, Ayrshire and the 2nd Highland Light Infantry.

Generaly and particularly in 1920

I know their is a memorial in Ballantrae to the HLI


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Never heard of it, Peter. HLI was connected to Glasgow. UK war memorials only shows one memorial in Ballantrae. Antony

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This one is not straight forward.

I researching this man, for someone, and he may come under three different surnames.

Charles Geldard, Charles Imrie or Charles Ferguson.

I have a postcard with his photo on


and have a 1901 census entry for a Charles Imrie in the 2nd HLI at Aldershot.

The post card is stamped 'Ballantrae Ayshire' and the date is, I believe, 1920.

Ballantrae memorial.


Not just to the Highland light infantry.

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I am a bit confused who or what you are looking for here, is it Geldar,Imrie or Ferguson ? I can see no Charles Geldar or Imrie in the HLI from the Medal cards,and looking at you postcard your man looks to have an two year service/good conduct stripe plus what looks to be a wound stripe under it,so not sure but it may be Charles Ferguson 10954 (Bugler then Serjeant.)

of the 2nd HLI.He may have just come from Ballantrae ?

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Ballantrae is a tiny place and I don't know what 2HLI would be doing there. Only suggestion is that Ferguson was from there and sent the postcard when he was at home. Antony

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Thankyou for that, I wondered if 2nd HLI had been in the area for any reason after WW1

or wether he had just been visiting family or friends.

If it is unlikely that 2nd HLI where in the area, then I'll assume he was visiting friends or family.

Thanks again

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