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3rd July

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The St Helens Newspaper and Advertiser carries a report from the Lancashire Yeomanry, in camp at Rufford Park, near Ormskirk. The volunteer cavalry were part way through their 15 day annual manouevre when General McKinnon, in command of the NW District, paid them a visit of inspection.

Other Territorial and Yeomanry units going to camp later in the month were to have manouevres cut short by mobilisation. Summer camps were a big attraction for civilian working men, many of whom would get no similar opportunity to spend two weeks away from home and work.


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"Consul Jones to Sir Edward Grey

Serajevo, July 3, 1914

D. July 3, 11 P.M.

R. July 4, 8 A.M.


According to information received, decree has been issued that all Servian subjects must leave Bosnia. Two more accomplices have been arrested and have confessed their share in plot to murder."

"Sir M. de Bunsen to Sir Arthur Nicolson

Vienna, July 3, 1914


My dear Nicolson,

...The Reichspost and some few papers of that colour are incitingly strongly to an attack on Servia and severe suppression of the Southern Slavs within the Dual Monarchy. The official "Fremdenblatt," however, and most of the more reasonable papers, take the line that it would not be politic to take Servia as a whole to account for the crimes of a small band of degenerates who draw their inspiration from pan-Serb heaquarters at Belgrade. The army, I hear, are very bitter, straining at the leash. I can hardly believe they will be "let slip."

But, of course, a difficult time is in prospect. I must say I think the Servian Press is behaving shamefully. Long extracts are published here from the Servian newspapers, which seem inclined to regard the assassins as martyrs, sacrificed in a holy cause..."

(My bold)


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Tschirschky (German ambassador in Vienna) advises the Kaiser that he had taken every opportunity to urge the Austrians against hasty action.

The Kaiser - a friend and mentor of sorts to Franz Ferdinand - goes ballistic. Tschirschky's telegram is noted by the All-Highest: "Serbia must be disposed of, and that right soon."

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