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Medal Rolls for a whole battalion


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Hello all,

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere But I couldn't find information from a search.

This is not my area at all; can anyone tell me how to ascertain which medal rolls the members of 16/Notts & Derbys will be found in? I need the whole battalion for ORs and officers.

Does anyone have the WO 329 references I need to order?



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You would need all of the N&D medal rolls which could cost a fortune. PM Mike Briggs as he may have the reference you need.

When I did the 9th Bn I visited NA and wrote out all the men from Medal Rolls. In those days you could not photograph them.

I have SDGW for 16th Bn if that can help in any way.

Steve M

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You would need rolls WO329/1383 to WO329/1407 inclusive. Men who had served in the battalion at some point but ended service with a different regiment would be in a roll of the respective regiment.

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Steve and Chris,

Many thanks for the replies and information. Sorted.


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