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I hope this may be of interest to London Irish researchers. The original has been loaned to me by a mate and is the signed menu card from the dinner at Heacham Norfolk in 1919.

Any info greatly appreciated about personalities and context. My mate's chap is Sgt Drew who was George Maynard Drew. Still looking for him in the records.

Have fun

Chris C



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Thank you for posting this interesting item.

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Dear Chris C

This is indeed an interesting item.

The 'Grand Hall' Heacham, I am sure, would be referring to a room in Heacham Hall as it was then (google Heacham Hall and you will find images of it). Sadly it is no longer there as it was burnt down in WW2..... the story goes (as told to me by my mother) that a number of RAF personnel were staying there and were not allowed to have fires in their rooms..... it was cold and a group of them decided to have one anyway. For some reason they hurredly placed the hot coals from the fire into a wardrobe and a short time later the hall had burnt to the ground! A new house has been built on the cellers of the old hall.

There is also a large hall in the village known as the Public Hall..... it certainly would have been big enough to have accommodated those that signed the card, and a few more besides. It still stands and is part of the estate belonging to Heacham Club Charity, of which I am a trustee! It also houses a fine war memorial to those who served and fell from the Great War.

but why have the dinner at Heacham? I have no idea! but when I get the chance, I will look through the newspapers of 1919 and see if there are any references to the event. Should I be lucky then I will be back in touch

I have looked at the image to see if there are any names of men from Heacham..... there was a family called Sutherland but I cannot be sure if the one who signed the card is the Heacham man.

Let me know if you uncover anything further


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