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Hi Folks,

Trying to trace a John Robert Humble.(16490) in the Royal lancs.

seems he may of been discharged within 38days!

His records indicate he was discharged with ref;392(iiic)kk2B2.

Any idieas what this could be???

He enlisted on the 14.12.1914


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King's Regulations 392iiic means "Not likely to become an efficient soldier (Recruit within three months of enlistment considered unfit for service)". Sounds like an overenthusiastic recruiter had passed a man that he really should have rejected.

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Paragraph 392 of King's regulations, with all its many subdivisions, was the authorisation for discharging men from the army. It detailed all of the different reasons why a man would not make or be able to be a soldier. Para 392 [iii] was "not likely to become a efficient soldier" - which could cover anything from flat feet onwards.

Dave Swarbrick

Chris posted as I was replying!

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WOW,:w00t: Chris,

Thanks for that,your on the ball.

Thanks to you also Dave.

seems he was a bit of a lad,kids use to say eyup here comes Jack!!

Regards ;Frank

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