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15 March 2011

Manila, Philippines

Dear Friends,

I recently obtained a BWM named to 194420 Victor George Clarke, Leading Seaman, RN. He was killed when the HMS Hawke was torpedoed by a German submarine on 15 October 1914.

In the CWGC, it is stated: 194420, (RFR /CH/ B / 8513),H.M.S. "Hawke", Royal Navy.

My question is: what does RFR / CH/ B/ 8513 stand for?

Thank you in advance


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RFR=Royal Fleet Reserve-are you sure it is RFR and not RNR??

CH=Chatham Depot

B=2nd Enlistment

8513=Service No.

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RFR = Royal Fleet Reserve; CH = Chatham Port Division

B = A man who has completed (usually) a 12-year engagement (men who joined the RFR on pension would have 'A')

8513 = RFR No.

The RFR Number is additional to the man's RN/RM Official Number 194420

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