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Thee was a nice piece on French local telly a few weeks ago.

It told of the grand daughter of a Charles Robert (Scottish,apparently) who lifted a hand stitched cloth with the alphabet on,took it home & gave it to his wife.

He was killed during the war.His g/daughter brought the cloth back & gave it to the Mayor of Armentières this Christmas.

Story here

I can't find a C.Robert or a R.Charles ,there is a Roberts,HLI but I can't figure out if this is really him.

Anyone any ideas?

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There is no way to narrow it down to one man unless his unit or service number is known, even if he was Scottish, it does not mean he served with a Scottish Regiment, can't gleam anything from the newspaper piece as I cannot speak French.


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better story in the Armentières municipal paper:


gives his name as Charles Roberts, kia 1916.

"Charles Roberts était un soldat anglais. Il faisait partie de la 10e-

11e infanterie d’Écosse"

putting aside the French propensity to call anyone British "anglais", seems to give us

this fellow, as indicated by Dave

cheers Martin B

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Looks like a good bet to me. Highland would not necessarily suggest a Scottish regiment to a Frenchman. Dave, I just looked at your profile. That pic doesn't do you justice.

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Good snoopin',Martin :thumbsup:

I wonder if anyone can tell me what the 10th/11th Btn HLI were doing on 13th August 1916?

Obviously part of the Somme battle.

They (10th & 11th) had just amalgamated in the May & transferred to 46th Brigade in 15th (Scottish) Division*

Anyone got war diaries/histories?

*Thanks to Chris & LLT


1899, 10th/11th Bn., Highland Light Infantry

who died age 32

on 13 August 1916

Husband of Mary Ellen Roberts, of 61, Esksid, North, Musselburgh, Midlothian.

Remembered with honour


*CWGC casualty details.

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Guest BlanketMouse

This is my Great Grandad!! I have been researching the family tree and googled his name and their address and one of the results was this thread! The lady pictured in the articles is my Great Aunt Sylvia (my mum's cousin). What a find - thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread XXX

Also, to anyone who is interested, I found part of the war diary for the 10th (later 10th/11th) battalion of the Highland Light Infantry here:


Really interesting (but harrowing) reading. Unfortunatley, 15th May1916 - 1st Aug 1917 is missing which would cover the period when he was killed (13th Aug 1916) which is a bit gutting but I hope that I may find it yet somehow. Still learning the ropes and have enjoyed 'beginners luck', but I'm determined to find out. I need to check at National Archives at Kew but if that fails I might be a bit stuck!

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I'm sure this will be amplified by someone in due course, but briefly (based on Ray Westlake, Tracing British Battalions on the Somme);

10th/11th Battalion HLI (15th Scottish Division) - In camp on the Fricourt-Contalmaison Road 7th August; to the front line in the Martinpuich sector 13th August; attack on Switch Line 14th August; attack on Switch Elbow 17th August; to Shelter Wood 18th August, thence to Albert.


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