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2nd Lt James Saunders


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I am intersted in the fate and any service information on James Saunders killed in action on the 21st of October 1918.

From what I can glean from googling 110 Squadron operated DH9s but I don't know what his exact mission was, what aircraft he was flying, where he operated from or how long he'd been with the squadron

The little I have is as follows.

On the 21st of October 1918 he took off for a raid on Frankfurt. He and his Observer 2nd Lieutenant William John Brain were shot down and killed at Endbach Hesse-Nassau.

Anything anyone could add would be warmly received

(I have his photo)

Many Thanks John

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2Lt James Oscar Reginald Stuart Saunders (formerly Royal Fusiliers) was the pilot of DH9A F986 of No 110 Sqn, Independent Force, RAF, when he was killed in action with his observer, 2Lt William John Brain, on 21 October 1918. 2Lt Saunders was 20, and had only joined his squadron on 26 September. F986 was a Presentation aeroplane: Hyderabad No 5.

No 110 Sqn lost six other DH9As in the same action - a raid on Koln and eventually Frankfurt: 2Lt R G Vernon (KiA) and 2Lt R P King (PoW) in F1021; 2Lt A W R Evans and Lt R W L Thomson (both PoW) in E8484; Lt S L Mucklow and 2Lt R Riffkin (both PoW) in F984; Maj L G S Reynolds and 2Lt M W Dunn in F985 (both PoW); Capt W E Windover and 2Lt J A Simpson (both PoW) in F1005; Lt J McLaren-Pearson and Sgt W Harman (both PoW) in F1029.

The raid incurred the heaviest casualties for an Independent Force unit during the War. Only one German fighter pilot was credited with a victory, one-armed Oblt Walther Karjus, the commander of Jasta 5, who claimed a 'DH4' over Enslingen. It was his only victory.

I hope that this is useful.


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