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La Chapelle-aux-Pots


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According to the war diary, No 1 Veterinary Hospital was located at La Chapelle-aux-Pots until the unit moved to Italy in 1917. Can anyone tell me where this was? Usual searches just show a village in Oise, but I am sure it can't be that. Somewhere near Le Havre?

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Thank you, Terry. That is indeed the village in Oise. It's the only place of the right name that I could find - but it seems to me a funny place to locate No 1 Vet Hospital, because it's not really on the normal lines of communication. I think it must be right though, as the diary refers at times to advanced depots, hospitals etc at Rouen and Beauvais.

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The hospital was originally in the Dieppe area, and moved Chapelle - Aux - Potts in 1917. It was distributed over a large area and was meant to have accommodated a total of 600 personnel and 1,750 horses. The HQ and accommodation for 245 horses was at Chapelle with the rest of the unit distributed thus:

Les Landrons

Les Fontainettes

St Aubin


Pont -Qui-Penche

Villers St Bartholem



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The 2nd Life Guards Diary places No1 Veterinary Hosp at 'near Beauvais' on 27 December 1917 when all the regiment's horses were isolated there after an outbreak of Epizootic Lymphangitis. Old post I know, but just curious as you mention the unit going to Italy in 1917, and although I haven't read it I did see from the Nat Arch catalogue that the diary from November 17 places it in Italy.

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