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Date of Entry.

andrew pugh

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Good Morning to you All.

Could someone explain why they stopped putting the date of entry on soldiers M.I.Cs,was it because they were inundated with numbers, or does it tell a researcher that they didnt enter service until later in the war hope you van help or advise.

Best Regards Andy.

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I would presume it was to separate those entitled to the 1914 and 1914/15 Star from those who entered a Theatre of War later.

You often find that men have two MICs one to identify Star and another for the War and Victory Medals.


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As George has already stated, generally speaking the date of entry into theatre (and the theatre itself) was only recorded on the MICs when it was relevant to those who were entitled to either of the two Stars. As the Stars were date and theatre specific and the British War and Victory Medals weren't, they being for the 'whole' period, no entry needed to be recorded if the soldier was entitled to the pair only. The obvious conclusion that can be drawn therefore, if no Star is recorded*, is that the soldier entered theatre on the 1st January 1916 or later.



* The Star entitlement can be found either recorded on the MIC with the British War and Victory Medals or as a separate MIC for the Star only.

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Andy - as Steve says in post #3 - but additionally a large % of officer's cards give the overseas date even when their entitlement was to the BW&V Medals only.


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