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Remembered Today:

Kikarunga Hill German East Africa, 4 - 6 September 1916


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hi harry sorry to hijack your thread , but you seem to know alot of the loyal north lancs wondered if you give me any details on this man

Name: Harry Scott

Regiment or Corps: Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Regimental Number: 266252

regards dave

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Ladies & Gentlemen

If any of you are interested in the above action then please take a look at:



Thanks Harry

Always so interesting reading your articles ( and nice maps as well :thumbsup: )

As an aside -- I know that you have visited TZ

What remains of these battles and especially the German forts and "Boma's"

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Habari za Mchama

In Tanzania very little but you can still walk the battlefields very easily - see Roop's images of Kondoa Irangi for example, and mine of Kahe.

The best preserved sites are in or adjacent to Tsavo West game park in Kenya - see my images of Frost's Fort in the Tsavo Valley, where you can still find the original empty tin cans (to signal intrusions) attached to the barbed wire perimeter.

But hurry - our idea of what military heritage is clashes with conceptions elsewhere, and such sites will not survive as they are for much longer.


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