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Reginald William West

david west

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I recieved some info today, concerning my Grandfathers older brother. It seems that he served in the R.A.M.C during the Great War. The info i recieved is that Reginald William West was born in Exeter in 1890, he married in 1910. He served with the R.A.M.C (TF) with the service number 1776. He enlisted in 1914, but was discharged due to medical reasons in 1917. Do any of the experts on the forum have any more information about Reginald William West ?, it would certainly help me fill out a few holes in my family tree !

Kindest regards to all, and thanks for your help in the past.


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Hi David

Reginald was with the 4th Southern General Hospital ( at home),his Silver War Badge card and 15 Pages of his pension records are on Ancestry.If you dont have Ancestry drop me a p.m. :thumbsup:

all the best Gary.

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Hi David,

his pension record is on ancestry. Heres a rough outline of the info:

Lived in Newton Abbot

Occupation AA Scout

Wife Mary west

Had a daughter 1/3/15 (no name recorded)

served 4th southern Gen Hospital 1/9/14 to 15/3/17

awarded Good Conduct Badge 13/8/16

Look like he wasn't well towards the end of his service. Hoemorrhoids, exposure, flu. spent six months in hospital then discharged

Hope this helps


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