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Solider WW1 - Thomas Poole


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Some while ago I have posted with regard to Thomas Poole who was initially in the Essex Regiment and then transferred to the Gloucester Regiment. His no was 242092. He was wounded whilst in France; he was a sniper and was shot in the shoulder and lay in the trenches for several days before being found and suffered with being gassed. He was subsequently sent back to the UK and to a hospital in Bristol to recuperate coming out of the army in 1921.

Advice on where to look for the following would be appreciated:

- I would like to find out where in France he was posted and if there any official documentation around his being found in the trenches and shipped back to the UK.

- Anything else related to his service.

Thanks in anticipation.


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82 Grange Road Ilford, Thomas Poole. The Shoulder Wound seems to be 21st to 31st March 1918

I think he was with 2/5th Gloucester's at the time.

His service record is available via Ancestry under 2738 Thomas Poole. I can't supply it for you but if you get it from a library or friend, you can post parts of it here for more information


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On looking at his service records (and there are a number of blank pages) I am at a loss to understand why a telegram was sent from Bristol to Warwick asking for information about him, and receiving the reply that the warks know nothing about the member of the Gloucs!


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The papers show that he landed in France on 24.5.1916 with the 2/5 Gloucesters,who were part of 184 Brigade of 61 Division. You should read this page from the Long Long Trail:


It will show the activity of the Division. Thomas's wounds seem to have been received in March 1918. If you scroll down the page where it lists 1918 you will see about the day. You will also see that during 1916 he seems to have been in the fighting at Fromelles, where so many were lost.

From the info on his record it seems to indicate that he did not fight in a war zone with the Essex Regt as his first landing was with the 2/5 Glos.

If you want to read of his time at the front you will need a copy of the 2/5 War Diary, this is at the National Archives under WO95/3066 and will cover from his arrival in France through to past his wounding in 1918. He was discharged to wounds on 13.5.1919. He received two campaign medals and a Silver War Badge,number B 232595.


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Hi to all

Thanks very much for all of the information that you have provided, I have now have a weekend of reading and understanding ahead of me which I am very excited about.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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