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Service record for Stanley Allen

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I have downloaded a service record for my greatgranduncle Stanley Allen, who served in the Royal Marines Light Infantry (Portsmouth Division) between 1900 and 1923. His register no was 11076. The record shows that he was on the Monarch April 1914 - Oct 1915, the Victory Dec 1915 - Feb 1916, the Queen (which seems to have Caledonia written in the next column) May 1916 - Feb 1917, the Cardiff June 1917 - Feb 1918 and the Leviathan March 1918 - Feb 1919. Sadly, there is no indication of which battles he was engaged in and I am hoping someone on the forum may know or can point me in the right direction.

With thanks in anticipation and regards

Kim Semmence

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Well, easy bit is to say that HMS Monarch was at the Battle of Jutland (31st May to 1st June 1916), sustaining no casualties, but he had moved ship before then, to HMS Queen. So he missed the biggest naval battle of the War! As a Marine, he would have been part of boarding parties, checking shipping intercepted by the warship he was on etc.

HMS Victory was the "Base Station" for administrative and accounting purposes for smaller ships with no space for clerks etc, so in all probability he was actually serving in something smaller, perhaps a destroyer but under the admin of HMS Victory (I can't get the image of him swinging around in the rigging out of my head!! lol!!)

HMS Leviathan was a 1901 armoured cruiser of just over 14,000 tons.

Whilst not in any major battles, at any moment they could have been faced with torpedo attack, mines as well as conventional warships, so never a chance to let your guard down.

More expert Pals will be along to give you a more comprehensive answer, I'm sure!!

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Hello Kim, Allen `may' have also served the guns (X & Y turret) on ships, but this is unlikely as he was `Light Infatry'. The LOGS of the ships mentioned are in ADM 53 / ;

MONARCH 49780 - 49787 May 14 - Oct 15

LEVIATHAN 46574 - 46575 Feb 18 - Feb 19

CARDIFF 37047 - 37054 July 17 - Feb 18


Logs are mostly navigational entries, but do give other running info.

Good HUnting


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I assume that you have his register of service entry from ADM 159, but have you got a copy of his service papers? These will either be at the National Archives in ADM 157 or held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.



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Thank you for your erudite and fast replies. I feel a bit sorry for him if he spent 23 years in the service and missed out on the one major battle. I shall have a nosy round the National Archives and see if I can find out any more. Again, thank you


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