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Sorry about this but I am unsure what Scottish unit this could be?

An aussie soldier showns he served wth the TA with the 4th Highland CO QERVB.

The soldier claims to come fro the Roxburgh area of Scotland.

He is;

FORSYTH James Davidson 894 Sgt 3 LHFA

Any ideas what unit that is?


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I was not near my books when I posted earlier so here is some unit background:

1859 - 1st Edinburgh (City) Rife Volunteer Corps raised.

1865 - Other Edinburgh Corps absorbed and the combined unit named Queen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteer Brigade.

1881 - Linked to Royal Scots as 1st. Volunteer Battalion - 2nd and 3rd Volunteer Battalions later raised.

1908 - became 4th and 5th (Queens Edinburgh Rifles)Battalions (Territorial Force).

1921 - two Battalions amalgamated as 4th/5th (Queens Edinburgh) Battalion.

1940 - Transferred to Royal Artillery.


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