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Mike O

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Good afternoon,

I'm researching the Great War naval history of my wife's grandfather, John Charles Jones who served on board Paulina, an armoured patrol yacht hired by the Royal Navy from the 11/9/16 to the 25/2/18 then from the 21/4/18 to the end of the war. The relevant pages in Ancestry give these basic facts but there is a family story that John was pulled out of the Med after some kind of action taking place (having spent some hours there) then taken to Malta to recover. Is there any information regarding this particular vessel which might corroborate the story ?

In addition, I don’t appear to be able to find his naval record on the National Archives website although he is shown on the relevant medal rolls - are there any other avenues I could follow ? He was from Menai Bridge on Anglesey, born we think in 1888.

Any help will be very gratefully received,


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You might find something of interest under National Archives reference ADM137/757 (Auxiliary Patrol, Malta area, 1916) and in ADM137/758 (Auxiliary Patrol. Malta area, 1917/18. Couldn't find a log for the vessel in ADM53 . Paulina is listed by Dittmar & College in British Warshps 1914-1919 as 264 tons, built 1894 as The Queen Mother. Armed with 2 x 6 pounder anti-aircraft guns. Renamed Maria Joao in WWII.

Dave W

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Hi Mike.

I see there is an MIC for John L Jones, born Menai Bridge in 1867 (BT 351/1). Perhaps his father, although obviously a very common surname in Wales. Notwithstanding that, perhaps he followed his father into the Mercantile Marine and ended up in the RNR in the war. Only a small sample of RNR service records are available online (BT 164). The Fleet Air Arm Museum have RNR records in their holdings - you could try contacting them.




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Many thanks Martin - I don't think John L Jones is related but, as you say, a lot of Jones in that area ! The route you mention via the Mercantile Marine might well be the one he took though as there is certainly a tradition of seamanship in the family. Thanks again and I'll certainly contact the Fleet Air Arm museum as you suggest.


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