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Royal Signals numbering


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I've asked about this man before but have now realised that the Royal Signal were not formed until June 1920. I have a sapper, George J Vail born Aug 20th 1895 went to France with 5th Division BEF His RE number was 25369. His MIC also says Royal Signals 2303601. Is it possible to say how close to June 1920 was this number issued?

He was married in Leeds 1st Qtr 1920 and had a son 4th Qtr 1920 register in Leeds. This son married in Leeds in 1948 and Father & Son both died in Leeds during the 70's. So I'm assuming that as a pre-war regular he was not de-mobbed and moved to Leeds to join the Royal Signals at Catterick? In which case His records are with the MOD??

Thanks in Advance


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