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"Who's who" in Hunland


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"Who's who" in Hunland, a glossary of the persons, issues, places and things we read about in Germany

" Karl von Bülow

At the outbreak of the war,

this 69-year-old infantry

leader was commander of the

Third Army Corps and was

given the direction of one of

the Armies under the Crown

Prince and von Kluck, which

failed to get to Paris. von Bülow

is a member of one of

Germany's oldest

"ruling families," which has given

Prussia and the Empire countless

soldiers and statesmen.

Nearly a score of von Bülow's

mostly young officers, have

been killed in action during

the present war. Gen. von

Bülow himself was invalided home

during the winter of

1914-15, having been either

taken seriously ill or wounded

in the fighting in France in the

first months of the campaign.

He has held numerous positions

of high rank in the army

and is a Knight of the highest

Prussian order, the Black

Eagle. "


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