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A military Forecast:the German campaign against France.

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A Military Forecast The German Campaign Against France

This remarkable outline of the plan of campaign to be followed by Germany

in case of war with France was published in the Fortnightly Review of September,

1911, and has been so faithfully followed in the present war that it constitutes

a most interesting military study. The author's predictions seem to have

been almost prophetic in their accuracy.—Editor Infantry Journal.

The main German idea upon which the plan has been formed

is that France must be seriously damaged in the first three weeks

of the war, so that Germany may find herself in the position of

victor in the first round before England and Russia have entered

the field. It is considered that the effect of serious French defeats

would be to deter England from landing troops on the Continent,

and to induce Russia to conceive that she was doing all she need

for her damaged ally by waging a defensive war on the Vistula.

The German mot d'ordre on the commencement of hostilities,

which are to precede the formal declaration of war, will be at all

cost to get well established on French soil, and concentrate as

large an army as possible behind, that is to say west of, the line

of the Vosges, so as to fight a decisive battle somewhere in the

neighborhood of Rheims or Chalons.

A military forecast:the German campaign against France.


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