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A "soldier's-eye-view" of our armies

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A "soldier's-eye-view" of our armies





A National Army and a National Church. The problem of the

officer without means in peace time. The construction of our

New Army. Anticipated changes. The overgrowth of

privilege exampled by our Cavalry predominance. What a

National Army ought to be. Why was there a prejudice

against our Regular Army among certain classes ? Because

they had no place in it. It opened no career to an ambitious

and intelligent man. The fairness of our pre-war promotion

in the senior ranks. Our Army must be free from political

and class bias, and there must be no special privileges. The

democratisation of the Army will only proceed slowly. The

principle of equality of opportunity must be kept within

view ... I



The officers of the Regular Army were excellent. A National Army

has, however, room for more than one type. The expense

connected with entering the Army as an officer and remaining

in it. The proposed postponement of technical training

until an officer joins his unit. The hopelessness of an Army

career without money. A plea for equal treatment. Our

need for Secondary Military Schools. The outline of a

practical proposal. Adopted officers. The two chief compulsory

expenses in our Army. Clothing and maintenance.

The expense of our pre-war uniform. Proposed remedies.

Can we make it compulsory for officers to use a State

department? The Cavalry precedent. The benefits of a


good system. 1 The advantages of a sensible system of

clothing. Less uniform and less expensive. Maintenance.

Are Military Messes a necessity in the present day ? Drawbacks

to Messes. Alternative suggestions. More freedom

in Army social life. Officers' servants. Regimental bands.

Army amenities. Our memorial plaques. Government

posts for ex-sailors and soldiers. Travelling concessions.

Free rations to officers and their families. Homes for widows

and education for their daughters. The accommodation

provided for junior officers in barracks ....



Reasons for want of success of the pre-war Territorial Force. The

failure to make the best use of it at the opening of the past

war. Had the Territorial Divisions received the same treatment

as our Dominion Forces what would have been the

result ? The prejudice in the Regular Army against the

Territorial Force. The corresponding injustice that has

resulted. The future of the Territorial Force. The value of a

reliable National Army. Special care for the training of

N.C.O.'s. The importance of physical culture for boys in

schools. Considerations concerning details of national service.

National Cavalry. Artillery. Infantry. Engineers.

Administrative services. A proposal to employ officers of

the Indian Army for home training. The Mulliner horse

boarding scheme (vide Appendix) ...



The prospects of the young officer in India. The lack of expression

of public opinion. A lost opportunity. A survey of

the Indian Army in the past. An Inspector General of

Imperial Forces. Manoeuvres in India. Their failure in

the past. Some administrative reforms. More conference

and discussion and fewer files of correspondence. Some

examples. Cantonment Magistrates and Military Gazetteers.

The Q.M.G.'s branch. Evils of over- centralisation. Devolution

of financial authority. The Silladar system.

General remarks. Clothing. Education. Libraries and

recreation. Volunteers. Indian commissioned officers.

etc etc


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This one looks fascinating Mike - I think I have just seen my weekend taken over.


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This one looks fascinating Mike - I think I have just seen my weekend taken over.




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