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Remembered Today:

Route march, Farnborough, Kent

high wood

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I have finally cracked the location of this photograph of a route march. At first I thought it would be impossible to identify the location but the use of a powerful magnifying glass reveals an inscription on the front of the building; Fox & Sons Oak Brewery. Googling reveals that this was located at Green Street Green, Farnborough, Kent and was sold in 1908.

I haven't yet worked out who the soldiers are, possibly Royal Fusiliers or some other Fusilier Regiment.

Does anyone know which regiments might have been stationed in the area or at least within marching distance during the Great War?

Does the building still exist?

post-6480-021817600 1290343861.jpg

post-6480-028451600 1290343914.jpg

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I have found a second picture from a slightly different angle and on closer inspection some of the men are wearing Imperial Service badges. So possibly, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th (City of London) battalions, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers). The 2/1st London Division was in Kent in late 1914 early 1915.

post-6480-099955900 1290362904.jpg

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Does the building still exist?

I made a few enquires and it was knocked down many years ago. There is now a bus depot and some industrial units upon the site which is now part of Farnborough Hill.

Shame, a great picture though.


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The 3/7 Battalion of The London Regiment was based there for a couple of years supplying drafts to the other Battalions in France. The 7th Battalion were affiliated with the Fusiliers and wore the Fusilier badge with a '7' in the centre of the flaming grenade. The Marches were often taken down to the London defensive trenches running across the Downs, above what is now the M25. The Brewery was closed in 1909 and has now been demolished, its closure caused local unemployment in the area. The location of the old Fox's Brewery is supposed to explain the cluster of Pubs near its old site (within crawling distance of the old Barracks). I have seen some pictures and editorial in the local press and at the local studies area in the library. Most information about WW1 always focuses on the Orpington Hospital (Canadian Army, Ontario Military Hospital) which was opened next door in 1916. This date may explain also why the 7th moved during this year to the Fovent area. Other buildings and fields were also taken-over, forming part of the old Green Street Green Barracks, some of these may still exist especially around the old parade ground.

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