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Remembered Today:

Eastern Front Aerial Reconaissance Photos


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Well Done Daniel

It is this kind of contributory effort that sorts out the men from the boys on the GWF.

The images are excellent for clarity and detail. What an excellent find.


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Thanks Daniel. I am working on compiling a list of all the Canadian munitions companies some of whom worked on massive Russian munitions orders (shells, shell components, railway stock(cars)/wagons, ships) for Russia. Some of the stuff was finished and delivered to Russia even prior to February 1917! The Eastern front photos focus on railway stations and railstock and appear to have been taken by German aerial reconnaissance - not too difficult as for most if not nearly all the war the Central Powers controlled the air for most of the time. Photos capture the focus of the Russian "etappe" and rear including the huge logistics headaches in gathering, using, supplying and moving large numbers of men to or near the front lines.


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OUTSTANDING! Thank you very much for sharing this link, Daniel. Well done Sir.




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