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Remembered Today:

Western Front Battlefield trip


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A few snaps from my recent quick trip to the WF... I've left out some of the more 'usual' places and arranged them geographically rather than chronologically. (If interested, the WW2 side of the trip can be found on the WW2Talk forum)

Starting from the north:

the (pre- Strandfest) northernmost reach of the Western front at Lombartzijde (coastal erosion has turned what, in June 1917, was dunes to flat beach). The photo taken looking directly inland was from the exact position of the end of the last German frontline trench. A 'nice surprise' in the middle of the beach too!...

post-357-089241300 1283336197.jpg

post-357-076123600 1283336247.jpg

post-357-055926700 1283336284.jpg

post-357-076655300 1283336313.jpg

post-357-092645000 1283336347.jpg

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Quick jump to the St.Quentin vicinity...

The famous well (reconstruction) in St.Quentin around which Major Bridges and his bugler played the toy instruments to rouse the demoralised troops into movement in August 1914...

Grand Seraucourt CWGC cemetery containing the remains of soldiers and airmen from 1914 through to 1944...

...The Bellicourt American Monument...

...The Napoleon tunnel at Riqueval...

...inside the tunnel...

Tennesee memorial, Riqueval...

...Somme American Cemetery, Bony...

post-357-098464400 1283336721.jpg

post-357-086972900 1283336832.jpg

post-357-074734800 1283336974.jpg

post-357-011670600 1283337019.jpg

post-357-064232200 1283337075.jpg

post-357-085746200 1283337110.jpg

post-357-067813100 1283337181.jpg

post-357-045027600 1283337209.jpg

post-357-079635000 1283337238.jpg

post-357-096059100 1283337268.jpg

post-357-003017200 1283337296.jpg

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...down to the Chemin des Dames...

...Caverne du Dragon...

post-357-017234000 1283337499.jpg

post-357-054173400 1283337551.jpg

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Cerny en Laonnais memorial chapel,,,

...Cerny en L. German cemetery...

...Cerny en L. French cem...

Cerny en L. Loyal North Lancs memorial...

post-357-036366300 1283337604.jpg

post-357-076423300 1283337670.jpg

post-357-007849300 1283337724.jpg

post-357-028289900 1283337783.jpg

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...Californie Plateau - monument to the 'nameless dead' caught in the web of history...

...Hurtebise Farm memorial to the actions of 1814 (French vs Russians) and 1914-18. There's also a 1940 memorial on the nearby wall...

...destroyed village of Craonne...

post-357-071554900 1283337818.jpg

post-357-079125700 1283338080.jpg

post-357-042992000 1283338183.jpg

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... MG post above Craonne

Ft.de Malmaison German Cemetery (1939-45)...

Vendresse CWGC cemetery...

Vendresse churchyard...

post-357-083311900 1283338345.jpg

post-357-006108900 1283338429.jpg

post-357-007853300 1283338470.jpg

post-357-022626800 1283338527.jpg

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Soupir Italian Cemetery...

...Soupir German Cemetery...

Soupir Nr.1 French cemetery...

Soupir nr.2 French cemetery...

post-357-015840500 1283338734.jpg

post-357-071289700 1283338778.jpg

post-357-078394700 1283338836.jpg

post-357-093952100 1283338890.jpg

post-357-079938100 1283338935.jpg

post-357-065663900 1283338964.jpg

post-357-025393500 1283338993.jpg

post-357-062318300 1283339024.jpg

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...Bourg et Comin...

part of 1/Cameron Highlanders HQ Coy killed when their dugout suffered a cave-in - Sept 1914. Two other members lie across from them.

post-357-052722000 1283339369.jpg

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Great photos, Dave.

I've not visited any American Cemeteries myself, so it was interesting to see the Medal of Honor recipients' graves. I had no idea they were engraved as they are.



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...this row contains the 4/DGs - killed upon entry to Bourg by MG fire from house windows on September 13th 1914...

Soupir Chateau remains...served both as a regimental HQ and an ADS during the war...

post-357-052737500 1283339564.jpg

post-357-059736000 1283339674.jpg

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Quick skip to Verdun and the Argonne now...

Montfaucon American monument...

...view of the church from the top...

...one of the 7(?) OPs surrounding the remains of the village (found 5 of them)...

...Nantillois German cemetery...

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne...

...and my specific reason for visiting M-A cemetery (been here many times before, but never knew I was related to this guy)...

post-357-045464800 1283339959.jpg

post-357-055824100 1283340043.jpg

post-357-080254600 1283340098.jpg

post-357-002187000 1283340132.jpg

post-357-050937700 1283340195.jpg

post-357-057547700 1283340273.jpg

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Chattancourt (Mort Homme) French cemetery...

...remains of Cumieres (destroyed village) church...

Bois de Caures...

Bois de caures (Driant's PC)...





...Verdun-Bevaux french cemetery...

post-357-045131800 1283340453.jpg

post-357-050845600 1283340529.jpg

post-357-032331000 1283340579.jpg

post-357-028318400 1283340629.jpg

post-357-033964400 1283340672.jpg

post-357-095692600 1283340717.jpg

post-357-075005900 1283340756.jpg

post-357-089830000 1283340790.jpg

post-357-033690000 1283340846.jpg

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...onwards and...err..downwards! Alsace next...

Cernay French cemetery with the Hartmannsweillerkopf (right) and Molkenrain (left) in the background

...Russians , Czechs, Vietnamese and (1) British lie amongst the Frenchmen (and colonies) who died from the first week of the war all the way through to 1946 in here...

post-357-073637600 1283341198.jpg

post-357-060391000 1283341360.jpg

post-357-062360200 1283341459.jpg

post-357-059476000 1283341491.jpg

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Cernay German cemetery... graves from August 1914 through to January 1945 (plus several regimental memorials and a nice selection of original grave markers) in here...

post-357-029295900 1283341752.jpg

post-357-020596500 1283341809.jpg

post-357-025343500 1283341840.jpg

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'Le Vieil-Armand', 'Hartmannswillerkopf' or 'Silberloch' French cemetery and the Hartmannswillerkopf...

post-357-011314200 1283342157.jpg

post-357-036004800 1283342193.jpg

post-357-088715500 1283342236.jpg

post-357-083996200 1283342266.jpg

post-357-079454900 1283342294.jpg

post-357-044257900 1283342328.jpg

post-357-020631800 1283342358.jpg

post-357-083325000 1283342391.jpg

post-357-014213000 1283342432.jpg

post-357-088910600 1283342466.jpg

post-357-034211900 1283342508.jpg

post-357-006791400 1283342544.jpg

post-357-093755400 1283342576.jpg

post-357-052942600 1283342618.jpg

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Soultzmatt Roumanian cemetery...

post-357-083508800 1283342909.jpg

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...and Illfurth German cemetery (the most southerly German cemetery on the Western Front... here lies buried Lt.Albert Mayer, the first 'killed in action' casualty of WW1 (2nd August 1914) - he beat Cpl.Peugeot to this dubious honour by a matter of minutes/hours))...

...Mayer's grave...

post-357-053730600 1283343160.jpg

post-357-077890800 1283343250.jpg

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Finally... down to the very end of the line and Pfetterhouse, la Largue and Mooslargue.

The first two photos are taken from the exact spot that the French line ended (according to the two June 1917 trenchmaps I was using). One is on the spot looking towards Switzerland (beyond the clearing a few yards in front of the camera) and the other shows the location of wire field that lay in front of this final line. The german line (across the river to the east of these positions) continued southwards a little further, but was unopposed by any combattant nation so this was the final 'offensive' zone.


...and the famous Pfetterhouse customs house on the Swiss border a mile or two to the west of the firing line...

post-357-004803100 1283343772.jpg

post-357-023953400 1283343813.jpg

post-357-029311500 1283343851.jpg

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Lovely strong photos, Dave. I love the web of war sculpture.

For interest, these cards are from my collection.

Re post #16: the cross at Hartmannswillerkopf:


Early visitors to the remains of structures at HWK:


and the Roumanian cemetery at Soultzmatt (post #17):


If you would prefer that these didn't interrupt your sequence, I'll delete them till you've finished.


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If you would prefer that these didn't interrupt your sequence, I'll delete them till you've finished.

No probs Gwyn. Just about finished now (took nearly 3000 photos - and I ain't posting all them!!!:lol: )... one more post of 'randoms' and I'm done.


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...a few random shots from the journey down and back...

Coucy le Chateau (largest keep in N.France (I think) - dynamited by the germans in 1917...

...mis-spelled memorial at coucy...

1917 and 1940 graves in Eperleques churchyard...

Waxweiller (near Prum, Germany) war memorial...a very thought provoking list of names on there.

one in the UK... Ashford, Kent (stopped there on the way down (and back)...

post-357-017084700 1283344456.jpg

post-357-041008500 1283344490.jpg

post-357-081313000 1283344558.jpg

post-357-020660200 1283344587.jpg

post-357-067899400 1283344704.jpg

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.... a quick quiz question to end... I never knew what this was until last week (when I asked someone!!!). I'd seen them many times, but never heeded much notice of them. Anyone else know?:whistle:

post-357-050422900 1283344890.jpg

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Brilliant photos! Excellent start with the oyster on the beach!

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Oh...nearly forgot....

it was well worth it. If nothing else, then just for THIS :thumbsup: ....

post-357-017972600 1283345110.jpg

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