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"Q" Company Auxiliary Division Royal Irish Constabulary


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Hi All, I am relevantly new to this forum and this is my first attempt in obtaining some information. I am performing indepth research in the Auxiliary Division Royal Irish Constabulary 1920-22. The ADRIC were sent to Ireland to fight the terrorists of the IRA. The make up of the ADRIC was that all the men of the Auxiliary Division were former officers of the British, Empire and Commonwealth forces covering all three services. Within the ADRIC there were 3 VC's and 174 MC's medal recipients as well as many other DSO, DSC, DSM, DFC, MM and so on. Approximately 10% of the Division had some form of bravery award and some gained further medals whilst in Ireland fighting the IRA. I am trying to find out the reason for a particular patch on the balmoral of an Auxiliary attached to "Q" Company. "Q" were a Company of former RN, RNR and RNVR officers whose remit was to patrol and search all incoming vessels into Irish Ports. The patch consists of a skull & cross bones ie a jolly roger. This patch pertained to only one platoon of "Q". I would be grateful of assistance. Thankspost-56944-098598500 1283179006.png

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Hello Adric and welcome.

You might want to post this again in the "Home Fronts" subsection "Ireland" part of the forum.

More people will probably see it. (People who know about Ireland I mean.)

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