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1915 POW Photo

Guest BryanM

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Greetings from Nova Scotia.

I have a post card sent to my mother.

It is from her father and shows 19 POWs. The caption, which is part of the photograph itself, reads:

Prisoners of War 1915.
Westhausen Germany
Corpl. Webb marked X

As I do not have any other information about my grandfather's war record - no regiment, number, medal information, I was wondering whether there is any way to know something about the POWs in Westhausen at that time.

Has anybody else had success following such a tenuous lead?

My grandfather was supposed to have trained at Kneller Hall. Records there show that no E. Webb ever trained there.

Do POW records by camp and time exist? If so, how do I pursue them?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you.

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Any chance of posting the picture here Bryan? A number of us collect postcards, so you ever know...

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