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Terry Denham

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Over the past few months I have been creating updates to the now defunct CWGC registers. Yes, I am a true Anorak!

As most Forum members will know these registers were largely produced in the 1920s/30s with some of them being updated in the 1980s/90s - those for WW2 being published in the early 1960s. However, no more are to be produced.

Many casualties are not listed in the registers either through simple error or the the fact that they were not known as a casualty at the time of publication. Even today some names are still being added to the lists.

This is particularly true of the registers covering the UK where many names were originally omitted (up to thirty per cemetery in some cases!) and very few of these original UK registers were later reprinted.

Having embarked upon this time consuming research with great assistance from CWGC, I see no reason to keep it to myself and hope to put it all on a CD one day. In the meantime, if anyone wants to update the register for their home county or local/favourite cemetery and wishes to have a copy of the relevant update, please email me off Forum. Naturally, there is no charge!

Although concentrating on the UK at the moment, I have completed some overseas cemeteries also but they have fewer or no 'new' entries in many cases.

The Updates include all the data contained on the CWGC web site entries - but, of course, you can't look them up on their site without knowing the names in the first place! Both WW1 & WW2 'new' entries are included but 98% are from WW1. The Updates give new and deleted casualties as well as info on any deleted or renamed cemeteries etc.

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I live very close to the CWGC burial ground at Labuan. If you need any look ups or such like let me know.


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Thanks John

I have all the relevant registers etc but its nice to know there is someone 'on the spot' in such an out of the way place just in case!

Thanks for the kind offer

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Don't forget to add Samuel Ringrose (Naseby Churchyard, Northamptonshire) to your update (see penultimate WFA bulletin).

Private 12048 Samuel Ringrose, 5th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

Gassed and wounded in the latter stages of Loos his weakened condition signalled his discharge from the army. Sam continued to deteriorate, and he eventually died at home from pulmonary tuberculosis on 12th July 1917. He was buried in an unmarked grave in All Saints Church, Naseby.

The CWGC headstone was placed on 12th July 2002, purely coincidently this was exactly 85 years after his death. The family chose the inscription "In Heavenly love abiding"

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He is already there. The Updates include all names accepted by CWGC in recent times as well as those added since publication of the registers in the 20/30s.

The number of additions to the UK is about 20-30 per county although they go as high as 106 (Middlesex). I have not completed all counties yet but others may exceed this.

Also, I have found a surprisingly large number of high ranking officers who were omitted first time around including one Field Marshal and one Admiral of the Fleet!

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