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1st.West Lancs Cyclist Company


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In The Story of the 55th Division by the Rev.Coop,the order of battle of the Division as at January 1916 includes The 1st west Lancs Cyclist Company.This appears to be a unit formed since the begining of the war since it does not apppear in the pre war order of battle of the division.

Does anybody have any information on this unit?

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While Regular divisions formed cyclist coys in early summer 1914, TF and New Army divs did not form them to until early 1915. Their original role was reconnaissance, but once trench warfare set in, they were used for a variety of tasks ranging from manning observation posts, and as snipers, to operating traffic points and trench repairs. They were badged to the Army Cyclist Corps (formed Nov 1914). In spring 1917 the div cyclist coys were merged into corps cyclist bns.

For more on 55 Div Cyclist Bn, try contacting Michael Orr, who is the expert on 55 Div in this forum.

Charles M

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