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My great grandfather Pvt Rupert James Keeling was killed on 11th June 1918 near Acheux. The was serving in the 10th (Service ) Battn Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.) The thing I find strange he was aged 42 when he was killed, that seems quite old to me for a front line soldier. I am sure he wasn’t a professional soldier before the war, also wasn’t the 10th Battn one of Kitcheners new Armies.

What was the War Depts policy on the recruitment ages during the war, did they raise the maximum age as the war progressed.

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Recruitment age range in 1914 was 19years to 38, except for reservists. this was changed with the Conscription Act of January or March 1916 when the range was extended to 18 years to 41 years.

I looked this up because a man ( Harry Squires, R.E. was killed age 50, commemorated Poiziers Memorial) from our Village.

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