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Chris Talbot

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Greetings and salutations to all

I am slightly confusued as to the date coverage of records held at Kew could some kind soul give me a difinative answer.

For example my grandfather George Daniel Vernon TALBOT was in the RGA from at least September 1914 and was still in the army on the 4th of March 1920 as he is noted on his sons birth certificate as a Sargeant in the RGA.

Unfortunatly I dont have a deffinate date for hiis entry back into civillian life but according to another birth certificate he was a civillian in August 1922.

So the question is assuming the records were not amoung those destroyed during ww2 would they be likely to be at Kew or still with the Army?

Yours Chris

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Guest Ian Bowbrick

The MOD still have the service records of servicemen who were with the colours from 1 January 1921 onwards.


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