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Russian Units - Romanian Campaign 1916 - 1917


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Dear Forum Members

I am currently researching the Russian corps and armies that fought in the Rumanian Campaign, 1916 – 1917.

In particular, I am trying to locate a detailed order of battle for the Russian 47th Corps, 4th Army, 6th Army, and 9th Army, in addition to any other units that served in Rumania between 1916 and 1917. I have been unable to find any books that include a detailed breakdown of these units; consequently, I’d be grateful to anyone who could provide me with the titles of any books that examine the Russian units involved in this campaign.

Links to any online resources would also be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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This may not be much help but, the book "The Russian Front 1914-1917" by Norman Stone has an account of this campaign and mentions the sourses that he used. Also in the "Journal of Military history" Vol 57 No2 April 1993 there is an artical "indifference and distrust: Russian-Rumanian collaberation in the campaign of 1916" by Glenn Torrey. The author mentions a number of German, Austrian, rumanian,and russian sources that he used. where you can find them I don't know Finally the commander of the 47th Corps Zaionchkovski post WW I was a Soviet Historian and wrote a history of this campaign.

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