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Soldier James Lynch 1918 south cork

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Hi, My name is Nat and I am researching this soldier since quite a good few years now, can't really put my hands on any hints or anything at all about him. All I know for certain is that he was in South Ireland in 1918. He got married to a local girl on 2nd July 1918 in Crosshaven, co.Cork. He was living in Tubbrid at the time. That place is very close to Carrigaline, Fountainstown, etc, if anybody knows the area. He is said to be a soldier but what regiment, bn or else a reg number : I really don't know. His dad was also a James Lynch to my misery. His wife is Elisabeth Farrissey (Farressy on the census). This man was very tall, blond hair and had a limp in later years (maybe an injury). I really would appreciate any help on this matter, thanks :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the forum :)

Do you have his marriage cert, as that often says what his regiment was.

Your problem here is that it is easier to research a dead soldier than a living one. So you will need his regimet from somewhere to progress, and the Marriage cert is an obvious place to get it.

Did they have any children, and have you birth certs for those to get fathers profession

Not a cheap hobby this!

My first impression is that he must have been wounded and probably discharged when he got married. I think I am correct in saying that by 1918 there were no Irish Regiments on garrison duty (trust, or lack of, they say) in Ireland. So he was either a wounded soldier finished with war service - a limp you say. Or he had leave, and got married during his leave

Whichever way you need his regiment - medal cards for James Lynch are plentiful - 256 of them. But if you take a punt at Royal Irish Regt, my best guess if he came from Tubbrid, then you can narrow down to 3, and could eliminate some of them on say recruitment date, or an existence of service record, or a death on CWGC

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There are 59 James Lynch's on the 1911 census in Cork . One or two stand out as possibles near Carrigaline:-

James Lynch, fountainstown, Carrigaline age 30 in 1911

James Lynch, Shanbally, Carrigaline age 8 in 1911

The website www.irishgenealogy.ie will have Cork records on line for free later this year (West Cork) so that may help you track down his birth.

There are also birth records on http://corknortheast.brsgenealogy.com/ which covers Cork North and East.

These records indicate a James Lynch born in 1879 with a father called James Lynch, also one in 1886, 1871 and 1872.

I think the best thing is get the genealogical material sorted out stuff and the rest might follow - for example witnesses at the wedding or births of children might be fellow soldiers?

How did he meet this girl? There was a Royal Garrison Artillery coastal battery at Crosshaven. If he was in Ireland in 1918, it is also possible he never served overseas during the war so might not have a Medal Index Card - his age might help with that.


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Hi !

Sorry about the last reply but as I am a teacher, I am quite busy for the moment with the exams !

To answer to your questions/remarks, James met his wife in Tubbrid, how, I don't know. We have his date of birth at ca 1893 but with reserve !

I posted a photo of him earlier in the forum but at the time and unfortunately for me, there is no cap on the photo and no signs of external regiment !

His wife was Elisabeth Farressy, a local girl.

My father in law said he had a few medals which were stolen but I have no way of saying if this is true or not.

I know that he might have served in the FSarmy afterwards but with no certitude

Well, it is a very mystery man, I must say but I am not going to give up !

The witnesses on the wedding certificate were the local postmaster and her sister.

Best to all,


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