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Image of Unknown Auxiliary Home

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This postcard image of an "Aux Home" dated 1 December 1917 was in the possesion of a New Zealand serviceman. The postcard has "Hubert J. Rouse, 74 Bargates, Christchurch" in fine print and assuming that this is the name of the postcard printer/publisher.

There are a number of New Zealand soldiers in their convalescent jackets playing croquet, and a few nurses standing on the porch. The home is rather impressive! But any ideas on where it might be located?




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There's some information on those here: http://1914-1918.inv...p?showtopic=187

I've been looking for images of the four on your link, Terry, i.e. Heron Court Hospital, Fair Mile House, Red Cross Hospital Christchurch (confusingly now Christchurch Hospital on Fairmile Road) and Thorney Hill Hospital, Bransgore.

It's definitely not Heron Court, which is still there (Hurn Court School); I can't find an early image of the present sites of Fair Mile House and the Christchurch Hospital.

The Thorney Hill Hospital seems to have been Dial House, Bransgore, for which Amazon advertises a book but doesn't show an image. I've tried the multimap bird's-eye view option but can't make it fit the picture above.

English Heritage's Viewfinder option (searching Dorset which "got" Christchurch in the 1974 county boundary changes) lists a house called Elmhurst in Mudeford near Christchurch which looks frustratingly similar, but I can't find any evidence that it was ever a hospital.


Bit frustrating! May be worth trying the Christchurch library's local history section?

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