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William Bryce

Raster Scanning

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This is a picture of William Bryce. There are a few men with this name in the medal rolls and I am trying to help his son in identifying which one he is. He looks to me to have a RE cap badge but could it be a Yeomanry badge of some sort that looks similar? The long pole on the front of the saddle has been identified as a tool for checking telephone cables, this could point to RE Signal Service. He looks to me to be Cavalry though.

I would be interested to hear what other people may think.

Other details. Born 21-4-1897 in Greenock Scotland. Living at 43 Duke St Liverpool. Absent Voters just gives him as "on military service".

He told his son that he served in Belgium as a Cavalryman, a motorcycle dispatch rider, a signalman and a sniper.

Finally I must stress that I am only doing this out of interest and not as a paid researcher.


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Not 100% sure,but the leather bandolier doesn't look like the cavalry pattern. The 1903 pattern bandolier had pouches to accomodate 90 rounds in the "cavalry" pattern (5 pouches on the front, 4 on the back) and 50 rounds in the "dismounted" pattern (5 pouches on front ,none on the back). The "dismounted" pattern was worn by horse troops in the RE, RA, etc. ,but cavalry wore the "cavalry" pattern (obviously!).

From the angle ,it's difficult to say whether there are any pouches on his back,but personally,I'd go for the RE option.


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