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Remembered Today:

Captain Patrick J MacCormack


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There is a link on my post 12 which has his MIC shown


he did not live long enough to to apply, and his family do not appear to have applied either

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Thanks  for the link re: the MIC.  Looks as if it was created due to the list sent in of officers who earned the medals but no entries since no application for them was put in.  Sorry I can't help with the ribbons  in the photo.

This a very interesting subject & am glad you posted it for the forum.

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On 23/03/2018 at 10:20, Guest springfield said:

Hi Paula

What became of his wife and child.They are not buried in Glasnevin.The story 

has become a topic recently in Castlebar where very few have heard of him?


His wife (Mary) and child (Grace) had to return to Roscommon dependant on her mother's goodwill. About 4 years later she remarried a man called Johnny Doran from Roscommon. He was with the bank and was transferred to Dublin and then later to Sligo. Grace married George McArdle and they had one child - my mother. 


Mary is buried in Newbridge not far from where herself, Paddy and Grace lived. Photo of Mary (Mollie) & Grace, Newbridge c. 1919


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Thanks for that fascinating update on the family. It is always nice to have more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place

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49 minutes ago, C.TIERNEY. said:

Thank you C.Tierney for posting the link and to all past posters for the unearthing of information, news paper clippings and photographs.  My mother (granddaughter to Patrick McCormack) and I are very grateful. 


One final comment, Patrick and Mary's only daughter Grace got married (1940) and had a baby girl (my mother). Three years later Grace died from TB (no antibiotics back then), so, my mother never got to hear the story from Grace McCormack. Although she remembers fondly her time / visits with Granny Mary (Mollie) McCormack, Paddy's killing was never ever discussed.  Later in life, my mother speculated that there may have been a stigma or fear or reprisal still (as a previous poster alluded to). 

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