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Zimbabwe records/newspaper query


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Hi everyone.

I am researching the splendidly named Pte Baden Powell THORNTHWAITE RMLI (born in the middle of Mafeking!). The connections with Africa run deep. He deserted when serving on HMS Afrikander in 1921, and he died 19 June 1935 in the gold mine he owned in Southern Rhodesia.

Does anyone have access to Rhodesian records for the time ie newspaper cuttings etc? The mine was called Carn Brae, in Mazoe.

Very best,


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hello Dom,

Having an interest myself in Rhodesian records, I have been hoping for positive replies to your query :) . I have spent some time trying to see if there is anything at all online to give any clues (like microfilm at the National Archives etc.), but have come up with nothing. I suspect that what interests us is only available in the archives in Zimbabwe, and that will be very difficult to access.



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