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A friend of mine wants to obtain copies of the medals which would have been awarded to his grandfather who was kia in WW1. How does he go about this, anyone help.

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Guest Ian Bowbrick

There is a guy on eBay called museumcollector who regularly sells copies of all the 14 & 14/15 Stars, BWM & Victory medals - you could give that a punt.

Alternatively buy someone elses ie originals. If you are interested drop me a PM and I can sort you out.


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Try www.cjmedals.co.uk

I was quoted for a similar request)

"No problem providing the 1st WW Trio @ £24 each engraved as per the

originals with No Rk Name Regt £12 each. MM Gv @ £60. engrvd as

original @ £12.

Mounted on a pin brooch @ 320. p&p £4.

Delivery 28 days on receipt of full payment."

but that was some time ago.



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