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British Farmers Hospital


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Hello All,

British Farmers Hospital was in Calais from 04/1915 to 12/1919.

I have a postcard with marked Britishfarmers Hospital

(British Farmers in one word)

situated Raymond Blyckaerts Street Brussels.

And dated 31/08/1920

My question is :

is it a second one or the one transferred from Calais ?

Thank you.


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This description is taken from the BRCS volume 'Reports on Voluntary Aid rendered to the Sick and Wounded at Home and Abroad and to British Prisoners of War' which I've cut a few lines out of here. I think it explains it's the same hospital which moved. Apologies for the lack of accents - my laptop seems to speak only English :unsure:

The Anglo-Belgian Hospital, Calais

(British Farmers’ Hospital)

Opened chiefly for typhoid and other infectious diseases.

‘A hutted hospital was put up on some ground in the Rue Edgar Quinet, the ground being placed at the disposal of the British Farmers’ Committee by the kindness of the Municipal Authorities of Calais ...

... The Hospital was opened on April 1, 1915, and equipped for 166 beds ... It was considered advisable in 1917 to increase the accommodation of the Hospital by erecting a new Hut containing 44 more beds. This was formally opened on August 11, 1917, bringing the total number of beds up to 210.

The British Farmers’ Committee eventually decided to hand the Hospital and all its equipment over to General Melis, Inspecteur General du Service de Sante Belge for the use of the Belgian Military Authorities. The hospital was to be moved to Brussels by the Belgians and the British Farmers’ Committee undertook to finance it for six months from February 1, 1919. The Hospital was closed for patients on January 12, 1919, and the process of dismantling the Huts began on January 13, two of the doctors engaged by the B.R.C.S. signed on to serve in Brussels, also the Matron and about 20 nurses and about six B.R.C. orderlies. The total number of cases treated since the Hospital opened was 4,901.'


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Many thanks, Sue,

Don't hesitate (PM) if you want a copy.


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  • 9 years later...

Hello, I have been researching a nurse who served at the British Farmers Hospital in Calais during the battle of the Somme The Commandant was called Pierre and the matron was Mabel Stokes who had a Belgium mother. The hospital was known as No2 Anglo Belge British Farmers and was a Red Cross hospital. It was given back to the Belgium authorities in February 1919. Please Does anyone know where I could find a report / diary for this hospital. I have tried the British Red Cross but without success.

I assume that Mabel Stokes returned to Belgium with the hospital. 

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