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Hi All

I'm off to France at the weekend with my father, uncle and their cousin to visit the places where my great grandfather (their grandfather) fought and died and plan to walk his final advance.

I've got myself a copy of Linesman which has been great in getting things planned and will prove of great help when we are out on the ground, but unfortunately I can't find a key/legend for the IGN maps that come with it !

We are hoping to walk the route shown in the attached picture, but I'm not sure if we can. I know a bit of it is over open fields as the old road no longer exists, but am hoping we can go round the edge as long as we can get there in the first place. Does anyone know if the solid single line that runs SW from the 139 shows a footpath ? I'm assuming the double dashed line running north from that indicates a bridleway or similar ?




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Hi Andy

it's not very clear. Here is the appropriate légende for IGN maps, and it looks like a limite de culture, i.e. the edge of a field. But it could also be a chemin d'exploitation, especially as it seems to link two other bigger paths. I doubt it's a téléphérique :) or a disused railway.

good luck in your walk

cheers Martin B

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Another IGN 25 legends : http://sig.cg18.fr/legende_ign.htm

The last time I went there, there was no path to join Fervacque Wood.

I posted a few photos of the Colonel Wrenford Memorial here on this topic : http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/i...=128161&hl= , the cross marked at point 139


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If it's anything like OS detail, that feature is a boundary, a fence, a hedge or a wall etc.


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