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What does HON stand for?


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Medal card of  Felton, Hon Stephen

Corps:  Royal Irish Rifles

Regiment No:  41862

Rank: Private...

1914-1920 WO 372/7 View Details

Just noticed this on the recent onlines....any idea what the 'HON' would stand for?



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It stands for 'The Honourable'

Usually denotes the offspring of someone with an aristocratic title - more specifically the son/daughter of a baron or viscount or the son of an earl.

It is also used as form of respect in the name of MPs, judges etc.

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If I may add a little.

"The Honourable" is used for offspring of the Peerage for whom no title is available, ie. a Duke would used Duke for himself, but his eldest son would take the next junior title, and so on, and any sons sticking out the end of the chain just get The Hon.

Any MP with "Right Honourable" is a Privy Councillor, I believe.

With Judges, I believe it is "His Honour etc"

And lastly, in military terms, Hon. ranks [such as Lt] are conferred on such as those commissioned as Quartermasters but give no executive powers over combat troops.

All this off the cuff, references unavailable, just dropped into the site for a breath of fresh air!

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Anyone with a war time whos who have a look and see if theres a Stephen Felton...of a Felton with a son called Felton?

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