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MGC service numbers and units


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Mt great uncle Charley James Hole was 60565 MGC.

Is there any way of finding out his unit and date of joining other than from the medal rolls ?

His service record doesn't survive and I have no anecdotal evidence of his unit.

Difficult to get to Kew from Aberdeen......................


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I checked on Ancestry for him, but as you said, his record hasn't survived. I know certain machine gun companies can be traced by number. For example, while researching an MGC man whose BWM & VM I have, I found that men with regimental numbers in the upper 78000's and lower 79000's seemed to all belong to the 82nd through 84th Machine Gun Companies, and they were transferred to the MGC from Yeomanry units like the Scottish Horse, et al. However, I don't know if this applied to most MG Companies. Your best bet would be to send away for his Medal Roll entry, which should hopefully contain his unit info. I recommend using J. Collins - they are extremely fast in getting your research to you, and their prices are very reasonable. They will also contact you if they find additional information and ask if you'd like that copied as well (for an additional charge).


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The MGC Medal Rolls do not show in which Companies or Battalions the men served. The only additional information your Great Uncle's entry shows is that he was discharged to Class Z (AR) on 16th April 1919.

The other fact about the MGC is that you cannot state with complete certainty which Coy a man served in just by using his service number. You can find that in a run of 10 service numbers, 8 men go to one Coy and the other 2 go to 2 totally different Coys.


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