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Talbot House in Poperinghe


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To All,

The belgian newspaper ' De Tijd ' spends today more than half a page to an article on ' Talbot House ' in Poperinghe and the reopening of the thereto belonging ' Concert Hall '. The article also has a nice photo.

Gilbert Deraedt

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And the reopening is half an hour from now.

Sorry, I'm off.

To Pops.


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Hi all,

I was at the opening today and had the pleasure of being a few feet away from Harry Patch the guest of honour at the opening as he spoke to BBC about his WW1 and Toc H experiences. What a humbling moment. Words cannot describe this, especially amongst those of us that have not had the pleasure to meet or see a vet from WW1. To hear him later under the Menin Gate reciting the euology almost brought me to tears. How long will it be until these vets have passed?

It was nice to see many good friends at Toc H today and I would not have missed it for anything. I was however very dissapointed with the layout and content of the new museum. Rather than showing more tangible evidence as to a soldiers life behind the lines it seems to me that it is more a "Display Board" way of trying to explain what is already in many of the Salient museums already.

Many of the people today expressed to me, their support for the house, which has no reason to be anything but undying, but at the same time expressed their unhappiness in the fact that unless you are a staying guest or Friend of the house you will now be unable to enter through the front door. This fundamental tradition cum normality has now dissapeared (apart from those lucky few).

Although I am dissapointed with the initial "view" of the Hop Store and Slessoreum (my own opinion) I do realise it has been a lot of hard work for all of the Toc H crew and hope for the future that it will be greatly improved and that the House itself does not loose the spirit for what it stands for.


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