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Hi Friends,

A friend has medals for her Great Uncle, 9618 Pte Thomas Grayson, 1st West Yorkshires, killed in action 13 October 1914. Can anyone provide information on the events of the day?

In addition, from his number can any !st WR experts say if he was a regular or a reservist? I know the battalion arrived in France on 10 September and then received a draft of reservists on 8 October after suffering very heavy losses on the Aisne on 20 September.

Any information or suggestions much appreciated.


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To quote from the War Diary

13/10/14 4 am

Remainder of Battalion prolonged the line to the SE covering the detrainment and billets of the 6th Division.

7:30 am Bn formed part of an advanced guard under Major Lang/Young [?] to 18th Inf Bde Group. Proceeded to Vieux Berquin relieved Queen's Bays in line through the village.

1:50 pm In conjunction with 1st E Yorks attacked village of Bleu about a mile NE. Took village and established a line on the farther side under heavy rifle and shrapnel fire about 4 pm. Held line till dusk when we entrenched.

Casualties Killed - Major Cliff, other ranks 9

Wounded Capt Spence, 2Lt Wright, other ranks 32[?]

I would assume your man was one of the former 9 killed or died of wounds.

As for the 8th Oct the war diary does not mention any reservists arriving; on the 9th a number of officers join but it fails to mention other ranks.

As for whether he was a reservist or a regular I couldn't say.


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