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Royal Horse Artillery Battery histories


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I'm trying to assitain the battery histories of the following RHA Batteries: R, S, T & U pre 1890 dring their various reorganisations of parental units within the RHA from 1862 to 1889. Any information on their various units during their various Battery name changes would be appriciated.

I know T Bty. was originally E Bty c. 1862 and part of 2nd Horse Brigade, RHA, then c. 1864 the RHA reorganised and the unit could of been E Bty., B Brigade, RHA? Subsequent reductions and reorganisations of the RHA took place between 1871 and 1882 along with further name changes to either Bty., unit or both until they became T Bty c. 1889.

The possibilities of similair changes may well be the case with R, S & U Batteries, RHA?

Thank you for your time

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