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Unit last served in?


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Can any pals make out what the following reads?

I think it says No.5 Signal Company.

I came across it in the service record of 2Lt Frederick Hammond, Royal Engineers. I know he served in other Signal compaines, but am unsure of this one.

He was wounded in France (Hamel) in April 1918, so hoping he might be mentioned in the War Diary of which ever unit it is.

Thanks in advance,


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sorry forgot

here goes:


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I posted my reply before the image was added. It appears to be 5 Signal Construction Company. There is no war diary for them unfortunately, however, here is a broad outline of their movements:

14.4.17 - 5th Army

1.5.17 - 4th Army

7.7.18 to 11.11.18 - 5th Army


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Thanks for all the replies.

5 signal constuction company does look and sound right, as he served in Motor Airline sections ealry in the war, which I'm guess did the same sort of work.

So there will be no written mention of him been wounded at the end of March, begin of April 1918?

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