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Portuguese infantry


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Could a pal clarify how many Portuguese battalions were there in F+F? Were they operating under their own command or assimilated within British Divisions? Did they have artillery and cavalry or pure infantry units. Thanks


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Two complete Divisions and a Corps HQ, plus a separate heavy artillery group. Independent command but reporting to a British Corps (the heavy artillery reported to the French). Some 50 British liaison officers. Until the German attack of 9 April 1918 in which 2 Divisao was more or less destroyed, the Corps was on the Lys front holding from just north of Festubert to in front of Fleurbaix, with the division in the line HQ'd at Lestrem. My forthcoming book on the battle covers them in detail.

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Just a snippet

Extract from 40 Brigade RGA War Diary

16 November 1918 A Battery of Portuguese were posted to the Brigade and divided between 40 and 186 SB

17 November 1918 Above Portuguese left to join their own Division



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Thanks both of you. It was the Festubert area which prompted my question. It seems that they flanked an unidentified RWF battalion in which a number were mistakenly killed in a friendly fire battle. The Portuguese being mistaken for Germans. I look forward to your book Chris.

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