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PTE 8114 W Haynes A.CYC .Corps

Richard Matlock

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New one on me all , what did the (I am assuming) Army Cycling Corps do ? also can we find anything on the above , again I am assuming he served in something else

Thanks for looking

Rich M :blink::poppy::ph34r:

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It's been described to me as "cycling around, looking at things" (in a Home Defence context) but I'm sure it was more serious than that! If it is purely a Home aspect of the Forces, of course there'll be no MIC...

[Edited to add: pleasant surprise, he does have an MIC but it simply lists the Victory and the British, nothing else. Walter. Under Army Service Corps, although the card clearly says ACC]

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And of course the LLT just put cyclist corps in the search box, it will show a list of all the elements attached to each division



while 'cycling around looking at things' over 850 were killed

All the major combatants had a cyclist element and although discarded by Western Armies the Japanese and the Viet Cong used the bicycle to great effect in later conflicts - another wiki reference



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