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4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers


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I need your help?

I have researched the Battle of Bellewaarde 16th June 1915 from the Northumberland Fusiliers point of view.

To be able to complete a project on this battle I need information about the 4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers

Any information will be of great help


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Hi Martin.

I have a full copy of the 4th Bn R/Fusilier war diary.

16th June 1915 diary quotes...Our artillery commenced bombardment of the German trenches at 2.50am & continued with exception of two short intervals till 4.15am when our first linejumped off the mark and got through the Germans and into their trench in a marvellous manner.The men were so eager that they went forward a great deal too fast into the sacond and third German trenches, onle to be mown down by our own artillary.Having lost a number of officers and men we withdrew and took a line in a communication trench that Cpt Dela Ferrelle had taken up and turned into a fire trench which was consolidated and held against all counter attacks and frontal attacks as well as a bomb attack on the right till told to leave the trench after 12 mid night.

The Brigadier of the 7th Bde took command at 10am and ordered the C.O Major R.G.Hely, Hutchinson to go into the wood we had just captured and reorganise the men that remained. This was emmediatly done these men were subjected to very heavy shelling all day casualties were appalling, the Adj Cpt G, Thomas O' Donell was killed with his orderlies and operators by a high explosive shell. The heavy shelling that the Germans were subjected to had a most demoralizing effect on them.

Our men acted splendidly thier eagerness cost them a number of casualties. L/Cpl Jilten M.G. stuck to his gun all throughout the day though wounded, M.G.Sgt, Sgt Jones also did a job throughout the day till sent to the dressing station to have his wounds dressed, he was wounded earlier in the day. We lost 15 Officers.

Hope this helps, if you need any more just ask

Best Regards Andy

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Hi Again Martin .

I forgot to mention that thier location was north of the Menin road, about 250 yards north of Hooge.

Regards Andy

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Hi Andy

It's very kind of you to let me have this, it will help be view the bigger picture for when I build the website.

You said that you have the full diary of the 4th RF, would it be at all possible to let me have the complete diary?

the reason for this is so that I can find out what brought them, along with other regiments, to Bellewaarde.

Thanks again


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